Fabricación de otros productos de plástico

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Guadalajara - La Alcarria (Guadalajara - Castilla-La Mancha)


Fabricación de productos de plástico

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Comercialización y Fabricación de productos para la señalización vial.

Fabricación de otros productos de plástico

Fabricación de otros productos de plástico

Manufacture of other plastic products

The company is a privately held firm that operates as a specialist in signposting of airports and enclosures for ILS zones and perimeter fences. The company started its business operation in the year 1973 and conducts business from its registered corporate office which is strategically located in Guadalajara, Spain. The company is recognized as the leader in marking and signaling roads market in Spain. The company offers a large selection of signpostings, informative cartels, luminous provisional signposting for routes and railways stations. The company's product offerings include delineator signposts, cylindrical delineator, traffic dividing markers, movable barriers, lane separator, reflective road markers, antidazzle screens, traffic cones, light signalling, variable message panel, vertical signalling and road complements, bollards, impact cushion systems, monoliths, railway station signs, and level-crossing barriers, as well as perimeter and ILS zones fences. The products of the company are manufactured at its facility located in Guadalajara, which is equipped with the most modern production technology. The company's quality assurance process and standards have been set out in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004.
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